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Powering A Manned Mission To Mars

The website Red Orbit created a video story featuring space nuclear power and Stirling technology. One of the greatest challenges of any space mission is creating enough power to operate it. While gasoline powered engines suffice on Earth, there are no refueling stations in space. A potential solution is to harness the power of the […]

Small Reactor for Deep Space Exploration Video Released by Los Alamos National Laboratory

This is the first demonstration of a space nuclear reactor system to produce electricity in the United States since 1965, and an experiment demonstrated the first use of a heat pipe to cool a small nuclear reactor and then harvest the heat to power a Stirling engine at the Nevada National Security Site’s Device Assembly […]

Radioisotopes: Energy for Space Exploration

Through a strong partnership between the Energy Department’s office of Nuclear Energy and NASA, Radioisotope Power Systems have been providing the energy for deep space exploration. Watch the YouTube video below or select this link to view.