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Stirling Energy Takes on the Solar Power Challenge

USA Today published the following article: Stirling Energy Takes on the Solar Power Challenge ALBUQUERQUE — When the sun breaks through the clouds here, solar dish No. 0 springs to action. Like a giant sunflower, the mirrored face of the 40-foot dish will follow the sun continuously from east to west throughout the day, generating […]

Stirling in Deep Space

Scientific American published the following article: Stirling in Deep Space To cut back on radioisotope fuel, NASA goes back 200 years For more than 30 years now, NASA’s deep-space probes have relied on radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs), devices that use decaying plutonium 238 to warm thermocouples and generate electricity. Now the space agency is poised […]

Mercury Flyby to Be the First Since 1974

The Washington Post published the following article: Mercury Flyby to Be the First Since 1974 Right around noon today, if all goes as planned, a spacecraft called Messenger will swoop past the planet Mercury and begin two days of unprecedented picture-taking and data-collecting. The flyby, the first visit to Mercury in more than 33 years […]

MESSENGER Set for Historic Mercury Flyby

John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory published the following press release: MESSENGER Set for Historic Mercury Flyby NASA will return to Mercury for the first time in almost 33 years on January 14, 2008, when the MESSENGER spacecraft makes its first flyby of the Sun’s closest neighbor, capturing images of large portions of the planet […]

ASRG Model In Orlando

The Division for Planetary Sciences 39th Annual Meeting was held October 7-12, 2007 in Orlando Florida. Above, from left to right, of Dick Shaltens (NASA GRC), Dave Ercegovic (NASA GRC), and Jeff Schreiber (NASA GRC) hard at work at the 39th Annual Meeting with the Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator (ASRG) model. Under the joint sponsorship of the […]

Former NASA Administrator O’Keefe Takes Stirling Tour

GRC has actively been involved with Stirling technology for over 25 years including large free-piston engines, small free-piston radioisotope systems, automotive kinematic engines, and component technologies. Currently Thermal Energy Conversion Branch activity focuses on free-piston Stirling convertors to provide electric power for deep space missions, surface rovers, including lunar and Mars, and stationary power generators, […]