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Technology Demonstration Convertor (TDC) Testing at GRC

NASA Glenn Research Center’s Stirling Research Lab has two pairs of Technology Demonstration Convertors (TDC) from Infinia, Corporation of Kennewick, WA on extended operation testing. These were developed for the SRG110 project and one pair produces 110 We from two GPHS modules. The convertors use flexures to achieve non-contacting operation.

The first TDCs (#5-8) were delivered to GRC in 2000-2001 for performance and extended operation testing. One pair was under test in the Stirling Research Lab’s thermal vacuum chamber for over 10,000 hours. TDCs #13 and #14 were delivered to GRC in 2003 and have nearly 75,000 hours of operation as a pair; TDCs #15 and #16 were delivered in 2005 and have reached nearly 65,000 hours of operation as a pair. TDCs #13 – #16 are still in operation. Total TDC run time at GRC as of 2013 is nearly 300,000 hours. The graph below illustrates the thermal efficiency history of our pair of longest running TDCs.

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